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Robot 2013 Tutorials/Training manuals

---Quote (Originally by kmarsh)--- For all who are working on Robot 2014, a new version of Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional - Essentials is available now. We are also working on an advanced version and would be happy to know what topics you might like to see covered in an advanced...

Posted: by Bagz

2014 How to stop Help from opening automatically?

Ah, I meant to say that the Help file still opens when I open a new drawing. It doesn't open when I start AutoCAD with the STARTUP set to 2 because it is not opening a new drawing.

Posted: by judekw

2014 Civil 3D to Autocad 3D

You need the Civil 3D object enabler installed...

Posted: by cdatechguy

undo groups in lisp code

hi, thank you for the help. i'll look elsewhere for the issues in our system. i was just afraid of too much overhead, given the lisp i'm searching. thanx again, karl

Posted: by jakob_k

Need Help With LISP Routine

This one ? Code: --------- (defun c:Test (/ om p scl) (command "wipeout" "f" "off") (if (and (if (not (tblsearch "BLOCK" "el_tag")) (progn (alert "Block name < el_tag > is not found") nil) t

Posted: by Tharwat

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AUGIWorld August 2014 Issue Released!

One would think successful collaboration among team members would be virtually effortless. Really, with all the technology available these days, how hard could it be for professionals, even those who aren't housed in the same office, to work together and...


Get Advance Pass for AU2014

The Advance Pass sale (which is new this year) continues until August 19. Registration for Advance Pass holders opens August 20. Everyone else gets to register a week later, which a greater chance to get the classes you want. When...


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Out of view selection

Select your first point then when you zoom in and pan to select finer point you lose your selection ones out of window. You can only select objects that are only inside your window.


String Parameters & Field Functionality in a Single Block

I want to create a block that is basically a mtext object that has fields that display the variables that I need.  I can get the fields to work fine if the variable is numeric by having a construction line length that is controlled…


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